Revolution PTC Co.,Ltd. have been established as a solution provider to the Power Generation & Power Transmission field supplying world-class equipments through experienced and value added engineering at maximum return on the customer investment.

'Since today's demends of Power Generation & Power Transmission equipments are very and also need periodically development therefore Revolution PTC Co.,Ltd. has dedicated itself to fulfill such demands by providing innovative products with good quality & reasonable prices.

'We carefully selected such equipments from across the world, in order to best meet customer's requirement and budgetary with the following field of products

'• Condensing and backpressure steam turbine-generator sets with the following range Power Generation Up to 30 MW (Triveni Turbines),above 30 - 100MW(GE-Triveni)Steam Pressure Up to 120 bara Steam Temperature Up to 545 Deg C

'• Refurbishing / upgrading the old turbine generator set of any make and capacity up to 150 MW.

'•High Speed Gears ( Input speed higher than 3,600 rpm. ) with New Completed Unit / Reefurbishing & Upgrading to your old unit.

'• Low Speed Gears ( Input speed 3,600 rpm. and below ) with New Completed Unit / Reefurbishing & Upgrading to your old unit.

'• Full line of coupling with standard unit and special made couplings.

'At Revolution PTC, we go to extraordinary lenghts to ensure that the products we provided precisely meet the performance needs We strive to ensure that we exceed customer expectations with innovative solutions and reliable products.



" To convert the customer's requirement with most appropriate Power Generation & Power Transmission equipments and optimized customer's investment "



" To be solution provider in Power Generation field & Power Transmission."



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